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Pyle PPA12 12" 700 Watts 8 Ohm Subwoofer Professional Premium PA Sub Woofer


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This non-powered 1-way car subwoofer has cloth surrounding material and is non-enclosed, so the user should mount it together with other speaker components. As a professional premium subwoofer, this Pyle PPA12 is used not only for car audio systems as intended, but for home and work situations as well. Known for its frequent longevity and clear, deep bass projection, this Pyle car subwoofer is a great solution for many customers. Its stamped steel basket make this Pyle PPA12 attractive in a variety of different car interiors. With 8 ohms of impedance, this Pyle car subwoofer has twice as much impedance as most car subwoofers, which means that it can accept more electrical current. This is an advantage if it connects to an amplifier. Its stiff paper cone gives this Pyle PPA12 less ringing than its metal cone counterparts. With a reputation for projecting a very tight bass sound at relatively high volumes, this 1-way car subwoofer is an excellent option for users who love deep, loud sound.