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Hifonics BXiPRO3.0 Bass Enhancer


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Digital Bass Enhancement Processor with Dash Mount Remote Control.


  • Enhances and restores the bass level
  • Screw in power and speaker connecters to chassis for secure connections that prevent disconnection
  • Dual function bass remote
  • Remote wire input, DC sense and music sense turn on
  • Input and output signal clip indicators
  • Mono adjustable output level (can be controlled by bass remote)
  • 48v high level inputs
  • Ability to use test tones to set input and output levels
  • Fine tuning adjustability using bass width and sweep
  • Fixed 4v full range output
  • Small profile
  • Tiffany style RCA connectors
  • Low and high level audio inputs (speaker level inputs)
  • Balanced differential inputs (for noise reduction)

Functions & Operations:

  • Adjustable bass enhancement preamp output
  • Bass remote input
  • Preamp full range output
  • Adjustable bass level output
  • Adjustable bass width and sweep adjustments
  • Output level control with clip indicators
  • Input level control with clip indicators
  • Selectable input level range (RCA or speaker level)
  • Selectable turn on trigger (remote wire input, DC sense and signal sense)
  • Low level inputs (RCA level)
  • High level input (speaker level)
  • Power connector with two remote output trigger wires
  • Dual concentric bass knob (A. bass level, B. output level)


  • Size: 109W x 134L x 30.5H
  • Fuse value: 1A mini ATC
  • Voltage range: 9.5V -15V
  • Bass remote type: HF-U-02
  • Fixed voltage output full range: 4V
  • Adjustible subwoofer output voltage: 0V -9V
  • Maximally Flat Frequency Response Main: (-3dB) 10Hz to >50kHz
  • Input Impedance Low level inputs: 20k Ohms
  • Input Impedance High level inputs: 20k Ohms
  • Maximum high level Input Voltage on any input before clipping: >48V
  • Maximum Output voltage at 1.0% THD+N (subwoofer output): 9.0V
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (ref to 2Vrms out, unity gain): -84.0dBA
  • EQ boost: Variable to+8.1dB
  • Unit turn on options: 30mV High Level Audio, 59mV RCA Audio, 2.2V DC Offset
  • Current Draw: 0.32A
  • Turn on Delay Time: 0.1 seconds
  • Setup test tone track: 100 Hz & 1000Hz