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About Karaoke Machine

Karaoke is a form of entertainment where an amateur singer sings to a musical background. Tracks are mostly well-known popular songs from which the original artist's voice is partially or completely removed. The words of the song are displayed on the screen or canvas. They are often animated or change color depending on the part being played. They thus help the singer to maintain the correct rhythm. The principle of karaoke is also used by programs on TV.


karaoke machine


Midi files with written text can be used as a karaoke source. High-quality hardware equipment (karaoke machine) is necessary for the composition to sound decent. It is also possible to find tracks in video format (avi, mpeg, dvd-video).

Karaoke machine was invented in 1970s. The first karaoke machines appeared in the early 1970s in Japan, where karaoke bars are mostly in the form of soundproof private boxes, and no one but their friends can see or hear them. Karaoke bars and karaoke machines quickly gained popularity in China and Taiwan. Later, this type of mostly nighttime bar entertainment expanded worldwide, making it one of the most famous Japanese cultural items ever.

In American culture, karaoke is a different service than in Japan. For example, in the USA, there are pubs, bars, gaming rooms that provide the opportunity to sing in front of the entire establishment.

Currently, karaoke is also very popular as entertainment at home in the living room in the closest family circle or as part of wedding, company or family celebrations, when karaoke replaces classical music production. There are specialized websites with karaoke DVDs. Those interested in karaoke can buy ready-made karaoke DVDs or put together their own playlist. The hit of 2022 is the sale of a karaoke machine with bluetooth, touch LED screen. Karaoke fun is concentrated at the screen and karaoke clips are usually bought online.

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